Sunnyvale Small Business Owner Spotlight: an Interview With Gumba’s Italian Restaurant

November 13, 2022


Sunnyvale Small Business Owner Spotlight: an Interview With Gumba’s Italian Restaurant
exterior of Gumba’s Italian Restaurant
We love getting to know people in our neighborhood, especially local business owners who are trying to contribute to the success of our community. Having opened its doors in 1988, Gumba’s has been a dining institution on Murphy Avenue for almost 30 years where locals have been enjoying traditional Italian dishes at their red and white checked tablecloth tables. We were fortunate enough to have a sit down with the owner, Max Antonio Valle, to get to know more about Gumba’s legacy in Sunnyvale.

The Dreamer Behind the Brand

Atria: Why did you decide to become a business owner?
Max: When I was 11 years old, I went to help out my grandfather at his mini-grocery store and I fell in love with the business. My grandfather was my hero. Ever since I have always wanted to become a business owner.
Atria: How long have you worked in business management and/or in your industry?
Max: I started my first business in 2003. Growing up, my family had a bakery for 23 years and that’s where I learned the fundamentals of the Food Industry early on.
Atria: Can you share a little personal fun fact about yourself?
Max: My name is Max Valle and I like to sing karaoke and dance, and I love the outdoors!

The Heart & Soul

Atria: Can you tell us a bit more about the name of the restaurant?
Max: The Name “Gumba’s” means “best friend OR life-long friend”
Atria: What was your mission at the start?
Max: To be the best in “Pasta, Pizzas, Salads, and Seafood” for the people of Sunnyvale and surrounding areas.

The Industry

Atria: What made you choose to start a company in this industry?
Max: I decided to purchase Gumba’s Italian Restaurant because I saw it’s potential to be a dining institution in Sunnyvale.
Atria: What do you like and dislike most about your industry?
Max: The thing I like about this industry is serving people and working with people. I love the interpersonal aspect of the business.
Atria: What do you think is the significant challenge facing small businesses today?
Max: Government regulations, for example, during the Pandemic, the Federal Government established some guidelines for keeping businesses open. However, the guidelines and the orders from the State and the County were different from each other. Furthermore, they were both different from the policies of the Federal government. New and confusing policies are constantly being implemented in the food and beverage industry.
Atria: How does your business compare to competitors in the market?
Max: We thrive in what we do: Pasta, Pizzas, Salads, and Seafood. For example, we offer the largest selection of pizza toppings in the Bay Area!
Atria: How would you describe your company’s success so far?
Max: Gumba’s Italian Restaurant is highly successful. As long as we continue to listen to our customers, we’ll continue to get better and better.
Atria: How much of your company’s business is attributed to your top customers?
Max: Very little. Our business is extremely diversified.
Atria: What changes have you made to your business over the past few years?
Max: We have dramatically improved our Beverage menu and our dessert menus
“We want to be the best in “Pasta, Pizzas, Salads, and Seafood” for the people of Sunnyvale and surrounding areas.“

The Future

Atria: Where do you see the company in five years?
Max: We see Gumba’s Italian Restaurant as a thriving restaurant and a thriving catering company. We want to continue to grow our catering business

You can visit Gumba’s Restaurant at 176 S. Murphy Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086, Monday – Sunday.

Tel. (408) 737-8384



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