Front Door Color Ideas for Eichler and Mid-Century Modern Homes

Atria Real Estate  |  November 3, 2021

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Front Door Color Ideas for Eichler and Mid-Century Modern Homes
The color scheme of an Eichler is one of the primal elements that separate it from any other home because it reflects the emergence of a new and unconventional era. The mid-century time period exhibited a new American outlook of optimism, with bright and cheerful colors that symbolized its breakage from the drab war years. Joseph Eichler took this concept and ran with it, mixing subtler colors with bright, bold colors in a way that hadn’t been done before. Since Eichler homes have a lot of glass, post-and-beam construction, and concrete floors, natural colors and materials are a good starting point to make them feel homey. However, an Eichler wouldn’t be an Eichler without playful wall accents and eye-catching front door colors.
We get a lot of questions from both Eichler and Mid-Century Modern homeowners about suggestions for front door colors and we start by telling them that they must think in terms of complete home palettes that complement both the exterior and interior of their home. For example, if they choose to go with a bright yellow front door color, we suggest they put a yellow accent wall inside the home or jazz it up with yellow furnishing. We also mention that they should choose a color that reflects their personality, hopes, and dreams, whether it be a color that stands out or a color that’s more calm and elegant. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite front door colors using the Original Eichler Exterior Color Palette as an inspiration:
Although Benjamin Moore doesn’t have all of the exact Eichler colors in their inventory, they have a wide selection you can choose from that stay true to the colors that Eichler originally used. They also allow you to buy samples (1 pint) for around $7 so that you can test the colors out and see if they’ll complement the overall color palette of your home.
One last thing we want to mention is that color is something you should have fun with, so step out of your comfort zone and let your front door reflect your optimistic, wild side!

Fun, Bold & Eye-Catching Colors

Color Details: Pumpkin Cream.

Color Details: Galápagos Turquoise. Paint: Benjamin Moore

Color Details: Sunflower. Paint: Benjamin Moore

Color details: Hot Tamale. Paint: Benjamin Moore.

Color Details: Tequila lime. Paint: Benjamin Moore.

Simple, Neutral & Elegant

Color Details: Buckland Blue. Pain: Benjamin Moore.

Color details: Desert Green. Paint: Benjamin Moore.

Color details: Terrazzo Brown. Paint: Benjamin Moore.

Color details: Snow white. Paint: Benjamin Moore.

Color details: Gray. Paint: Benjamin Moore.
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