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A Look at Los Altos Eichlers

December 7, 2022

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A Look at Los Altos Eichlers

Everyone in the Bay Area knows about the beauty and elite vibes of Los Altos. Translated from Spanish as "the Heights" and with a population of about 31,625 the town has some of the finest collection of late Eichlers. The Eichler neighborhood is seen as the most attractive and aesthetically harmonious South Bay Eichler neighborhood. Beyond the beautifully maintained exteriors and landscapes, the streets are also free of clutter with no visible power lines in the yards since the electric utilities in the neighborhood are run underground.

Los Altos has two very small Eichler tracts: Fallen Leaf Park and Parsons Way. There are, however, are also a handful of custom built Eichlers found around South Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, like this one on Via Ventana.
The larger Los Altos Eichler tract is known as Fallen Leaf Park, a peaceful neighborhood with tree lined streets, that was recently the focus of an Eichler Network piece titled Welcome to Paradise. Fallen Leaf Park offers some very rare, 5 bedroom, 2600 sq ft floor plans and the lots are also larger, averaging 10,000 sq ft. This is an example of a beautifully maintained original Eichler on Fallen Leaf.
The second smaller tract, Parsons Way only has 8 homes resting on a small cul-de-sac.
Fun fact: Once these Eichler reach 50 years of age, Fallen Leaf Park is likely to become the first historic district in Los Altos, which would stave off any potential second-story additions or teardowns under the protection of historic designation.
For more info on Eichlers, the history of these beautiful homes, the different Eichler neighborhoods in the Bay Area of you're interested in buying or selling your Eichler, reach out to us today and we'll gladly share our wealth of knowledge on these unique homes. 

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