4 Tips to Keep Your Pet Comfortable During a Move

Cindy Aldridge November 11, 2022

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4 Tips to Keep Your Pet Comfortable During a Move
Guest post by Cindy Aldridge from ourdogfriends.org 
Moving is a stressful experience for many people, so it is no surprise that pets often get anxious during a move. Whether you are planning a move across town or to a new state, you need to take measures to reduce your pet’s anxiety. Using these four tips can help.

1. Keep Your Pet’s Needs in Mind When Looking for a House

When you start looking for a new home to buy, one of your priorities is finding a place that fits your budget. However, if you have pets, you also need to consider logistics before choosing a new home. For example, you may not want a house with stairs if you have an older pet with arthritis. A young puppy needs a fenced-in yard to play in, and some animals may not do well in a house with a lot of carpet. It’s often helpful to make a list of your pet’s unique needs and cross-reference it with houses in your budget. You may have to compromise on home features to make your new house affordable. Look up the average cost of houses in the area you want to move to so that you know what to expect. 
Once you fully understand your needs and budget, reach out to an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor® from Atria Real Estate who can help you with all your home-buying needs!

2. Plan on Installing a Fence

You may find a house that doesn’t have all of the features you need but fits well into your budget. You can then customize the home to meet your needs. For example, you probably want a fence to keep your pet safe while they play outside. You can speak with local fencing contractors and collect quotes to see who can complete the project without blowing your budget. Many companies offer deals and promotions that can make fencing affordable, but make sure you search “fence companies near me” and then read reviews before choosing a fencing company.

3. Comfort Your Pet On Moving Day

45% of Americans say that moving is the most stressful life experience, according to one survey. Your pets feel the same anxiety and stress, and they may start acting differently when you begin packing. Make sure you give your animal plenty of attention and affection while you’re preparing to move. Try to stick to your normal schedule as much as possible, and you can speak with your vet to see if you need to administer any medication to your pet on moving day.

4. Give Your Pet Time to Adjust

It takes time for animals to adjust to a new house and schedule. You should give your pet a few days to get used to the layout of your new house, and it may take several weeks for your animal companion to feel comfortable in your new neighborhood. During this adjustment period, you may notice some behavioral problems. Your pet could also have a lower appetite or seem skittish until they adjust to your new home. The faster you establish a new routine, the easier it will be for your pet to adjust. Keep exercising and feeding your animal on a consistent schedule even if you are busy unpacking. You should also give your pet extra love and attention to help it cope with moving.
Animals are often sensitive to change. Moving to a new home is a huge change, so many pets feel anxious while getting used to their new homes. By finding a pet-friendly home, installing a fence, keeping your pet comfortable on moving day, and helping them adjust, you can reduce the stress your furry family members feel when moving and settling into their new home.

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