Where to Pre-order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

November 13, 2022


Where to Pre-order Your Thanksgiving Turkey

We know that October has just started but blink and then it’s already Thanksgiving and there are some precautions to take well in advance to secure your Thanksgiving goes off without a hitch. Of course, we are talking about pre-ordering your turkey. Most people realize too late that they need the main contribution to their feast, which results panic followed by a mass online order of turkeys across the South Bay and the supply can’t keep up with the demand. In order to avoid this fiasco, because we all want as much calm in the holiday season as possible, we’re offering a few places you can go to pre-order your turkey.

1. Rainbow Ranch Farms

According to this private living gallery featuring live animals on a country-style, Desert farm and, ranch setting with, a private residence, their heritage poultry are naturally hatched and, raised on the farm. They believe that enjoying a life of “free-foraging” on wild, native, and, indigenous seasonal vegetation; produces the most nutritious, humanely-raised poultry, with a distinctive “terroir” texture, taste, and flavor profile. Pre-order your turkey here.

2. White Oak Pastures

According to White Oak Pastures, they do Radically Traditional Farming. This means that every day, they butcher meat from animals raised in a regenerative manner using humane animal management practices. They claim that even though it’s not easy, it is their passion. They operate a vertically integrated, zero-waste model, with the goal in mind to take care of their staff, livestock, and land. What does this all mean? Well, basically, they transitioned away from industrial agriculture techniques about 27 years ago and began operating their farm as a living ecosystem. You can pre-order your happy turkey here.

3. Los Gatos Meats

Established over 130 years ago, Los Gatos Meats and Smokehouse is not only a favorite local spot but is also a piece of Los Gatos’ history and community. They are known for their high-quality, specialty meats cut to order, house-made marinades and products, and custom processing. You can pre-order your turkey here.

4. Mollie Stone’s Market

With several locations across the South Bay, this beloved organic grocery store has been around since 1986. You can pre-order your turkey here. 
Once you have your turkey, be sure to visit our post on How to Prepare Your Thanksgiving Turkey to make it a Thanksgiving everyone will remember!

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