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Selling Your Home Series: Improvements and Repairs

Atria Real Estate May 3, 2023

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Selling Your Home Series: Improvements and Repairs

Once home inspections are completed, we will recommend certain improvements and repairs that we believe will bring you the highest return on your investment (ROI). These are items that based on our experience and certain market conditions, will make your home more appealing and desirable to a buyer.


Common Improvements

Here are some of the most common improvements and repairs that generate the highest ROI:


Before and After

It can be truly inspiring how much difference some repairs or improvements can make. Our team works with various professionals that can improve your property in a timely manner. We will help to design and schedule the improvements to increase the value of your home. Below you will find an example of two homes where we designed and oversaw the remodel of two bathrooms.

Home One

Main Bedroom Before


Main Bedroom After

Hall Bathroom Before 

Hall Bathroom After


Home Two 

Main Bathroom Before

Main Bathroom After


If you have any questions about renovations and improvements or are looking for recommendations on vendors, contact us today!


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