From roofing, flooring, electrical, plumbing to heating, Eichlers are truly unique and they need a unique listing process to match. When we work with Eichler sellers, we start with a tailored listing plan that takes into account the current market environment, seller’s goals, and home’s needs.

Determining the Price of an Eichler Home

Eichlers are a niche market and comparing them to local, traditional home sales to determine a listing price just won’t work. Our pricing method takes into consideration the unique features of your specific Eichler home — and especially the features that could add value to the property. Eichlers have a devoted fan base that may be more interested in a certain floor plan, architect or roof type. By following Eichler demand in your neighborhood and across Silicon Valley, we are able to recommend the most effective listing price for your Eichler home.

What You Can Expect From Us When Selling Your Eichler Home

Our Eichler sellers can take advantage of:

  • A customized selling strategy, tailored to your Eichler home’s condition, floor plan, location and more.
  • Exclusive online and print advertising to targeted Eichler buyers.
  • Unfettered access to our infinite Eichler wisdom, experience and advice. 
  • Insider information about recent Eichler sales, including number of offers, undisclosed terms and circumstances of sales that won’t show up in the public record.
  • Our personal connections within the local Eichler community of agents, buyers, owners and the most-qualified and experienced local Eichler vendors.

Let’s Talk

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